Biljana Vujicic


2011                Masters of Fine Arts, University of Windsor, Ontario

2006                Honors Bachelor of Fine Arts, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec

1994                Bachelor of Physical Education, University of Belgrade, Serbia/Yugoslavia

1990                Dental Technology, School of Dental Technology, Serbia/Yugoslavia


2010                 I Work Here,” Presented at Language and Territory/Langue et Territoire, Laurentian University International Conference, Sudbury, Ontario

2010                 Multiple realities,” Presented at the Identity and Education, XIV World Congress of Comparative Education Societies, Istanbul, Turkey

2010                 I Work Here: A memory of otherness, Presented at the Interdisciplinarity: Reality, Imagination and Diversity Conference hosted by The         

                           Education Graduate Students Society, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec


2008                   “Biljana Vujicic: Remnants in Time”  Art FAMA: Magazin za savremenu umetnicku scenu, Belgrade, Serbia: CICERO, 62. [Magazine]

2008                   “Biljana VujicicYellowCab. Rotografika: Subotica, Serbia, 99. [Art Magazine]

2007                    “Vujicic, BiljanaParcours: Art & art de vivre [numéro 62]. Montreal, Quebec: Les Éditions Trajet, 140. [Art Magazine]

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